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All marketing, advertising, and communications will be more effective when it reaches your clients and prospects without delay.  Utilizing the latest computerized high-speed mailing system and complete database management, we provide accurate labeling, packaging, sorting, addressing, and mailing to gain the best postal discounts available. Certified for CASS, ACS, and NCOA, we maintain the entire database of every street and post office box in America to cross reference your records for accuracy and then print an intelligent barcode to speed delivery.

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MailProSEC provides mailing campaigns at very attractive prices and quick turn-around.

MailProSEC assures accuracy of client's database by deleting duplicates and informs clients of incorrect addresses, saving  postage and undelivered mail. Your database of names is always protected.

Sherrie Whaley, Ph.D.

Assistant to the Dean for External Affairs,

Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication  University of Georgia

"The University of Georgia 'Grady News' (magazine) looks great! I really appreciate your hard work in getting them out before the postal increase. Thanks again for a great job. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

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